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Aqua Scape


Aqua Scape is fun filled activity kit designed for children to learn the concept of 3D. This kit teaches them a unique way of  assembling an Aquarium using any box. They must have seen real life Aquariums but, this kit enables to make one of their own. Kids will also learn about sea world and fun facts about Fishes and Aquariums. At an application level of learning, Aqua Scape is perfect gift for your child aged 5 years and over.


Age:         5+

Content: Sea animals cutouts, 12 shades tempera colours, sand packets, OHP sheet, sequence, thread, fevicol and instruction manual.

Skills Developed: 3D modeling concept, fine motor skills, concentration and knowledge enhancement.

Size (L*B*H) in Inches: ​10" x 10" x 1.5"